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22 jul. 2010

Gane una rifa ! I Won a raffle at MSAT-mini doll list owned by Dana Burton.

The famous Logo lady done on an egg with beading by Lucie Winsky.

Bev R made four fabulous eggs!
Trish Hurley's wonderful contribution.
Incredibly tiny sculpted Egg by Nathalie  Gireaud (France)
Shelly Norris made this fabulous flower egg.
Louise Riley created these adorable eggs.

Exquisite Bunny, two eggs and such pretty packaging from Morena Ciambra.

Joyce McIntrye created this dainty antique lace and rhinestone egg.

Jan Risner sent this finely sculpted egg.

Hellie (Netherlands) created this cheerful stained glass tulip egg.
Irma Lewy  made this intricate decopauged egg!
Kathy Hendricks hand sculpted *bonzai tree* egg.

Dianne Bishop - an amazing character egg!

Noreen Stewart (Clayseed) did this fabulous finch egg !

Soy miembro de este maravilloso grupo, que es fascinante y divertido a que  pertenecen las más afamadas artistas en el modelaje, diseño y creación de muñecas miniatura de todo el mundo! ,claro yo estoy al  final de la linea...Una principiante aprendíz..Hicierón una rifa y GANE!, les muestro la maravilla de colección de "Huevos de Pascua" creados por artistas de todo el mundo! - I´m a new member of this fantastic an amazing ¨Mini Doll List owned by Dana Burton, let me tell you the most famous world wild artists are members and sponsors of this group, off course I´m at the end of the line...but I´m in it !!!....They had a raffle for an "Eastern Egg Collecton " and... I WON!!!! let me share with you the beauty of every one of them created by magnificent miniaturist .

21 jul. 2010

Hablemos de mini botones - Lets talk about mini bottons

Una hermosa colección de botones de madre perla cortados a lasser regalo de una gran artista y amiga. A beautiful mother of pearl botton collection lasser cut a gift by a great artist and friend  Ilisha Helfman from:

Un regalo especial desde Holanda - A very special gift from Holand.

Una linda pintura Shabby Chic y un maravilloso cofre Vintage.  A beautiful Shabby Chick Painting and a magnificent Vintage trunk.  By my talented friend from Holland Janny Warnaar. of

Regalos de mis amigas miniaturistas-Gifts from my miniaturist friends.

Seda 100% para pelucas, Bunka, Pincel maravilloso para pintar caritas y herramientas para esculpir en fimo o porcelana. 100% silk for doll wigging, Bunka, great brush for face painting and various sculping tools., From my Dear Friend Jackie Caron from House of Caron.